Hello to you, who found a way to my modest homepage!

My name is Kristin Hansen and mostly I am a photographer.
I am also freelancing as videomaker, graphic designer and desktob publisher.
If youre fine with this information, just write me and lets find a solution for your ideas!

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If it wasnt enough, then theres a buch of information about me below.

I am currently finishing Tartu Art College photography department (2018), which of one year I spent studying as Erasmus student in Portugal ESAP (2016-2017).
I haev worked together with many known entreprises, I have done photos for many Estonian magazines (Senda, Hingele Pai, Pere ja Kodu), you may find my photos from many books (Kõhule Pai, Merit Raju) and many other Estonian magazines.
I have been photographic big festivals such as Estonian Yoga Festival, Indiefest and participated in different festivals and projects abroad.
I have worked many years as a desctop publisher (for Tartu University OLE ROHKEM magazine (2016-2017) and Estonian University of Life Science (2016 - ..)) I also do freelance grafic design (business cards, logos, posters etc).
I have finished BA in Estonian Entrepreneurship Univeristy of Applied Science, Interior Design  (2015) .

I am qualified acroyoga Montreal couch (2017) and participated in Estonian Gymnastics Federation gymnastics couch training (2015). I have taught acro yoga since 2014 in Estonia, in Portugal 2016-2017, in 2017 I travelled around the world and taught also in Finland, Germany, China. Since 2016 also at Estonian Yogafestival.

I have participated in many youth exchanges:
Social Entrepreneurship training "GESS - Global Entrepreneurship Summer School". Shanghai, China (2017)
Youth Exchange “Artify the frames”. Zetale, Slovenia. (2016)
Youth Exchange s “Stars children - a way to recycle”. Godrano, Sicily, Italy (2015)
Youth Exchange “Art in Action”. Guimareas, Portugal (2015)
Youth Exchange “From Europe with Love”. Brüssels, Chassepierre, Belgium (2015)

"Mina ka” Old Võru Kultuurimõis (2017)
"Konflict" TKK III course joint exhibition in Tartu Print Museum, My work was called: "Love is Free" (2017)
TKK II course joint exhibition in Nooruse Gallery. 3 of my underwater photos (2016)

I have long experience in organizing events. I have organized many small acroyoga events and festivals in Estonia and Portugal, I have invited many teachers to teach in Estonia and Portugal. I have co-organized many joint exhibitions, been actively part in changing school life, as being a part of Tartu Art College student council (2017-2018)
I am also one main organizer of annual Portugal acroyoga festival, which hosts 60+ people.

I am into cocial projects. I am currently participating in Domus Dorpatensis social entrepreneurship program (2017-2018).
With my photos and stories I try to bid everything what I was describing here - I try to bring awareness in nowadays problems but also joy, to get throught these things to people and do it all with whole my heart!

Phone: +372 53302167