Creating a visual identity for KÄTE IME brand


One of my biggest projects so far - creating a visual identity for one really nice Estonian brand KÄTE IME. All their products are pure and natural, free from animal testing and without preservatives or synthetic ingredients.
We started co-operation with Kadi-Johanna (the owner of the brand) quite a long time ago. We met because besides all those things she does, she is also one of the owners of Ronimisministeerium, which I love and I go there a lot to climb. Kadi has many talents, she is really powerful but also kind-hearted. She had a strong vision of how the salves design had to look since the very start. At the beginning we made two salves: spruce reisn-calendula and calendula-lavender salve. After getting those ready we had an awesome photoshoot!

After two salves we made the third, translated them all also to English, made a new photosession (or two) and homepage. Besides there three amazing salves, Kadi-Johanna also produces another nice ointment for climbers, called Ronni. I have tested i on my skin and I strongly recommend, not only for climbers, for everyone! She also imports another ointment from Bali, called SIlver Clove. It helps against different pains.
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