Family photography inside your home


Taking photos in the studio can be pretty cool but also pretty scary. It is true that you have to jump kind of into the unknown, under the spotlights. Listening very carefully what the photographer is saying and by all that, you also have to look beautiful.
This time we moved from studio to home. Where else will born the most coolest, personalized and natural photos?!

Eneli and her beautiful family I have already met before. First time she came to me with a big belly, wanting to do photos of her children yoga classes. This time, after more than half a year and the birth of Richard we got some new ideas. This time we decided to go and do the photoshoot inside their home.

You dont need much to do this kind of photosession. One light surface of a wall, which has few meters of a free space in front and homemade studio is ready! Its possible to get really nice results from only a natural light (light coming from the window) so you dont even have to use extra flashes or lights. You just have to choose the brightest time of the day, especially now when the winter is coming! 

At the moment Eneli is doing birth yoga and baby massage courses.
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