My short movie "Connection Is Freedom"



Here it finally is - my last big project, hours of work with full concentration and enjoyment before starting my thesis and graduating (hopefully:P). My movie project which I started in October and with the help of many people, I defended it today with honour and gratitude in my heart!

I had a vision in my head. It came out exactley as I dreamed of or even better and I couldnt have done it without the help, time, ideas, presence and advice of you all!

So firstly, thank you Lidia Almeida for helping me to put my ideas into words that now have such a big meaning! You are amazing with words! Thank you Kristi Ilves for reading it with your harmoniously beautiful voice and pronounciation! I love you, girls!

Thank you for your time, for coming with me so many times to the moss, to the studio, being so patient, listening me and making all my crazy ideas happen Ingmar Ploom Krista Palm Carolin Arnold Sergei Kondrashev Neidi Kompus Margus Põllupüü Liivi Hiienurm Meelis Multanen Kelli Coregonus Albula Jarmo Kütt Maret Einla Ilva Ecētāja Aldo Raudver I couldnt have done any of it without you!

Thank you Rees Juurmaa for standing next to me in everything, listening, supporting and giving your objective and professional advice! Im blessed to have you in my life! Thank you Külli Hansen Märten Kress Tauri Animale Luis Martins Inês Duarte you havent been inside all this physically but your excistence and presence mean so much to me! So thank you so much for being!

More thanks to Photopoint and Lauri Veerde for the use of drone, Timo Arbeiter for teaching me how to use it! Youre awesome! Tartu Art College, our photography course and department, Ciara Dance School, Acroyoga Tartu.

And thank you, Mick Pedaja, for allowing me to use your beautiful song! It just touches my heart as I hope my video touches you all!

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