Nude photo session in the middle of Portuguese forests


Few weeks ago I went to Portugal to co-organize Portugal acroyoga festival. Besides that I also had the chance to do an amazing nude photoshoot in the middle of the woods.

This girl on the photos is gorgeous Russian girl who has lived in Porto already for several years. Actually we met in my acroyoga call where she came with her loved one.Her biggest passion is dancing but she is also really nature friendly. She had a wish to combine her love towards nature with nude photoshoot. After she saw my nude photos she was sure that I will be the photographer of her dreams.
It took a while when I got back to Porto but finally our ideas got captured! 

Here you may find only a small piece of photos we made but it has a reason. I do respect the wishes of my clients so I only publish those photos I get the permisson for!
Unfortunately theres always many of my favourite photos which are not selected by the models, even though I hope you enjoy the results because we put our hearts into these!

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