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Father´s day surprise

Last week, few days before Father´s day, I got a really nice visit. Dagmar wrote me with the wish to make a surprise photo of two sweet boys for their father Priit. All this had to be happen secretly, so I drove there at 6.45 in the morning two days before Father´s day. It was 45minutes before my train to Tallinn and 45 minutes after Priit left home. I warned them not to have a pillow face! They did great job comparing with me! :-)
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Family photography inside your home

Taking photos in the studio can be pretty cool but also pretty scary. It is true that you have to jump kind of into the unknown, under the spotlights. Listening very carefully what the photographer is saying and by all that, you also have to look beautiful.
This time we moved from studio to home. Where else will born the most coolest, personalized and natural photos?!

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